QZ Tyre Recycling System

tyre recycling system

The RTE tire crushing and recycling line recycles waste tires of different vehicle types, such as cars, light commercial vehicles, trucks and construction machinery, from crushing, wire and fiber separation to produce pure rubber particles and powders.

RTE tire crushing recycling line with modular design, can be based on the addition or subtraction of production processes to enhance the flexibility of the production line to better meet the production capacity and tire types change requirements. We understand the customer's production needs, accurate planning and assembly of a variety of equipment, to provide a series of high-yield, high efficiency tire recycling production program.

For different tire characteristics and productivity requirements, the line structure may include:

1. Automatic drawing machine: remove the tire rim
2. Conveyor equipment: conveyor belt, screw conveyor and air pressure transmission system
3. Shredder: The tire shredded into film (50mm-150mm)
4. Wire Separator: Rubber and wire separation, and processed into plastic particles (10mm-20mm),
5. Magnetic Separator: Sorting steel wire from rubber steel wire mixture
Grinder: the rubber particles crushed to a smaller size (1mm-7mm)
7. Vibrating screen: different sizes of rubber particles for sorting, oversized particles back to the mill for secondary crushing
8. Fiber separator: remove foreign matter and fibers
9. Secondary magnetic separator: Wherever possible the remaining small steel wire
10. Milling machine: the particles ground into powder (30 mesh -100 mesh)
11. Fully automatic bagging system: the finished product to the storage bag or bag


1. The whole tire is put directly, without pre-broken and pull the steel ring
2. From the entire tire to 1-7mm particles, the whole process of production and packaging, there are no secondary handling intermediate links
3. The maximum capacity of 5000kg / h, up to only seven people to complete all the on-site operations
4. According to customer demand output configuration equipment model, 200kg / h-5000kg / h, choose a wide range
5. The combination of two-tier structure, so that the installation of replacement and maintenance more convenient and more secure
6. Seamless convergence, the entire dust, flue gas monitoring
7. Stand-alone factory 80-100 hours before feeding experiment, to ensure stable performance
8. CE certification, uniform standards, pay attention to technology



All equipment before shipment we will assemble into a production line, the actual conditions of use simulation test to ensure that the production line capacity and product quality. We sincerely invite customers to visit the operation of the equipment, and accept the relevant operation and maintenance training.


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