QZ-DX800 Copper wire recycling line

I. purpose:

It is mainly used for recycling and reusing metal and non-metal resources in scrap wires. The equipment uses physical methods to deal with the material, including primary crushing, secondary crushing, air separation, pulse dust removal and other process flows.


2. Introduction of process:

The equipment firstly feeds the manually pre-sorted materials (which are strictly forbidden to be oily or unknown) from the operator to the primary crusher, then transfers the crushed mixture from the primary crusher to the secondary crusher, and then sends the crushed materials to the air separator through the fan. Air separator completes the separation of metal and non-metal, and obtains clean, high purity non-ferrous metals and rubber particles (plastics) and other renewable resources.

3. Equipment Characteristics:

1. The whole process of PLC program control, equipment uniform feeding, automatic alarm device, to the greatest extent to ensure the stability of the equipment.
2. Compact structure, beautiful appearance, reasonable layout, safety and reliability.
3. Platform combination of crusher, sorting equipment and integrated equipment makes the equipment easy to move and transport, and increases the flexibility of equipment.
4. The alternating cutter shaft is used in the mill rotor, which makes the mill more efficient, less noisy and more stable in operation.
5. The separation efficiency of high precision air separator is as high as 95%-99%.
6. Recycling system makes semi-finished products comminuted twice and improves separation efficiency.
7. Pulse bag dust removal equipment can effectively restrain dust spillover, and the dust removal efficiency reaches 99%.
8. The air filtration system can effectively avoid the dust produced when the second crusher is crushed.
9. Hydraulic system can easily open the two-broken fuselage to facilitate the daily maintenance of employees.

4 Parameter:

Model Feed size range Capacity(KG/H) Power(KW) Dimension L/W/H(MM)
QZ-DX800 Φ≤12mm 600-800 105 9250×8700×3450